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Happy Frenchies make great pets.


Health is very important to me and comes first.  It has always been my goal to improve the health and genetics in my breeding program.  I continue test for all genetic issues in the Frenchies and look to make improvements.


Integrity is who you are.  It is doing what you say you will do and the backbone of you as a person. Interigty allows individuals to trust you..




My vision for my kennel is to continue to improve the breed with each litter. My goal is to make sure my Frenchies are happy and healthy. It is very important to maintain a proper life style for all pets under my care.


Welcome to Rocnbul Frenchies



Please join us on our journey.  French Bulldogs are a delight to live with and definitely little clowns.  Frenchies will be your best friend and love is a must.They will constantly entertain you and want your participation.  Yes some have the bulldog "I will do it when it is my idea" attitude. LOL yes my girl Lacey is a DIVA.


Rocnbul French Bulldogs is located in the northeast corner of Oklahoma.  We raise a few litters a year.  Our goal is to contiune to improve the breed and produce beauatiful and healthy puppies.  We enjoy showing and will be out soon with our latest new additions.  


We have added a male to show line up this year.