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Happy Frenchies make great pets.


Health is very important to me and comes first.  It has always been my goal to improve the health and genetics in my breeding program.  I continue test for all genetic issues in the Frenchies and look to make improvements.


Integrity is who you are.  It is doing what you say you will do and the backbone of you as a person. Interigty allows individuals to trust you..




My vision for my kennel is to continue to improve the breed with each litter. My goal is to make sure my Frenchies are happy and healthy. It is very important to maintain a proper life style for all pets under my care.




I have had pets and animals my entire life. I can't imagine not living with the companionship of animals.  I am also currently a TICA judge.  I truly love all animals.


As a youth my best friend Thunder a beautiful Palomino and I spent many hours together.  It was not unusual to see both of us at the local Malt Shop.  I shared my love for my horse with many friends.  We spent our summers riding and enjoying our horses at many functions.


As a young adult I acquired my first Sheltie.  This became my introduction to the Dog Show world.  I raised and showed Shetland Sheepdogs for 12 years. I finished Champions and several dogs that I bred were shown in Obedience and they achieved top titles.  Also at this time the first Herding Instinct testing started.  WOW what fun... to see a dog instinctfully herd was amazing to me.  I was a member of the Greater Kansas City Shetland Sheepdog club and served as President, Secretary and Treasurer.


I worked as a Vet Tech for 10 years.  This was a great a learning experience. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to share with many from the animal hospital their wonderful pets.


Our family moved to a small town in the country.  This where I was introduced to to the Boer Goat.  I acquired a herd and once again started showing and competing at the Livestock Shows.  I became a Director for the ABGA and served one term of three years.  Boer goats originated in Africa and are a very large meat goat.  After 7 years it became apparent I could no longer keep up with a herd of goats and herd was dispersed.


I was given a Bengal cat.  WOW what a beauty and so exotic.  They are indeed a hybrid cross with an Asian Leopard Cat.  After studying the breed I purchased a beautiful male to show.  Now I was introduced to the Cat Show world.  Who knew they had cat shows!  I was so in love with the Bengals and cat show world I studied to become a judge in TICA.  I am currently a Provisional Allbreed Judge in TICA.  I can honestly say nothing makes me

happier then when I am judging at a TICA show.


I have loved bulldogs ever since I can remember.  Every time I saw one I had to go visit with it and play.  I had a neighbor who had a bulldog whenever he went outside with him, if the dog saw me outside he would come running to me instantly.  I truly adored that dog.  We were best buddies until I moved away.  I then met my first Frenchie... I knew immediately I had to have one.  I purchased my first female and male and immediately started showing them.  I fell head over heels in love with this breed.  Their clown like behavior and their devotion to me made a perfect match.  I can't imagine ever being without one of these incredible dogs.


Thank you for sharing this journey with me.