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Happy Frenchies make great pets.


Health is very important to me and comes first.  It has always been my goal to improve the health and genetics in my breeding program.  I continue test for all genetic issues in the Frenchies and look to make improvements.


Integrity is who you are.  It is doing what you say you will do and the backbone of you as a person. Interigty allows individuals to trust you..




My vision for my kennel is to continue to improve the breed with each litter. My goal is to make sure my Frenchies are happy and healthy. It is very important to maintain a proper life style for all pets under my care.



This is what it is all about.  The perfect family and perfect pet. What my adopted families have to say about Rocnbul Frenchies that they have adopted...




Spectacular! Vet staff went crazy over him, said he was the prettiest, heahthiest, most easy going Frenchie they'd seen in a long time.


"Zimmer was the star of his first puppy class last week (all large breed dogs too!) he loved everything; wheelchair, ball pit, rings, tubes, ramps.  Yesterday a huge garbage truck roared by while we out for a walk, he loved that too!  Just wanted you to know he was doing well.



Vet said "your breeder certainly is doing everything right as this dog is perfect in every way!"  He was such a hit with everyone at the vets.


Margaret Ann...


Ella continues to be wonerful. I purchased the puppy agility equipment you were using. Thanks to you she is a star. She will even go through the collapsed tunnel.  Thank you so much for Ella.


I continue to be impressed with how quickly Ella learns. She actually sits on command and will stay for a short distance and time.  She also comes!! ( side note Ella was just 15 weeks at this time).


Charlie & Maggie...

 I just wanted to give you an update on how Louis is doing with us in his new home.  Its only been a month but it feels like he's always been with us.  He's the most popular dog in the neighborhood - everyone now knows him and they get so happy when they meet him.


He is very well behaved and we really appreciate all the training you did with him before we got him.  He obviously has had his moments of naughtiness but very few and far between9i