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Happy Frenchies make great pets.



Health is very important to me and comes first.  It has always been my goal to improve the health and genetics in my breeding program.  I continue test for all genetic issues in the Frenchies and look to make improvements.


Intetrity is who you are.  It is doing what you say you will do and the backbone of you as a person. Interigty allows individuals to trust you..




My vision for my kennel is to continue to improve the breed with each litter. My goal is to make sure my Frenchies are happy and healthy. It is very important to maintain a proper life style for animals that I am responsible.

Litter between Lacey and Achilles



We have a litter planned for the Spring of 2019

Planned Litters

Pedigree for

Coming Soon


If you are interested in a Pet from this gorgeous couple please contact me to be added on the waiting list.


Puppies are raised with the family.  They spend their first weeks in my bedroom where I can keep a close eye on them. All puppies will visit the vet for health check-up and crucial vaccination will be started. They are then introduced to the rest of the home and other pets.  Temperament is crucial to me.  Puppies will be exposed to many things in the home such as noises and will make visits outside of the home. They will be exposed to public at the park and other acceptable places. Socialization is crucial as a puppy and young adult.  Puppies will be raised and trained using the Puppy Culture method.





Lacey & Achilles will be bred 

Early Spring

This is a repeat of Sissy

Sissy is a Group I winner

in the Begginer Puppy class